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If you are looking for a flexible hose solution for any application, look no further than ABCOFLEX Hoses.

We stock a huge range of hoses to suit requirements ranging from industrial hose products to food quality hose, and from braided stainless steel hose to specialised hose fittings. The ABCOFLEX range of hoses consists of carefully selected products for top level demands. Major key words are quality, material, tolerances and standards.

ABC Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1973. We were the first one in India to started manufacturing of PVC Braided Hose. With German know-how, ABC Synthetics introduced the thermoplastic profile for furniture industry too.

Industries We Cater

Chemical, Oil, Gas & Biofuels

The manufacture and storage of chemicals requires the use of products that are compatible with a wide range of chemicals in various “states of matter”. The numerous pressure and temperature ranges, in addition to the mix of multiple chemicals, makes the use of PTFE hose assemblies the ideal “select one” solution for use in this industry.

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Pharmaceutical, Medical & Cosmetic

The Pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications; the products are usually chemically synthesized with organic solvents. The medical industry basically cures human beings and animals, the products are usually equipment transferring organic and non organic fluids. The cosmetic industry develops, produces and markets substances to enhance or alter the appearance of the body and face. These products are generally mixtures of chemical compounds, some derived from natural sources and other synthetics.

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Semiconductor & Power

Fans and heat sinks can be used for applications where heat generation is limited, but for larger applications where heat generation is an issue, water-cooling is essential. Water cooling systems can remove heat approximately 30 times faster than air based systems and thus are vital for larger systems in the computer and semiconductor industry. PTFE hoses, when used in water cooling systems, allow flexible connections between different parts of the system whilst absorbing any vibrations caused by the flow of water in the system.

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Food & Beverage

PTFE for hosing is by far the most widely specified material for food and beverage processing applications of all types, including but not limited to production of wine, beer, dairy, spirits, syrups and sauces, sausages, chocolates and prepared meats—PTFE is used for transfer and process equipment.

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Automotive, Off Road & Marine

Driven by higher safety demands, lower Green Gas House emissions and availability of alternative fuel resources, the technical requirements for hoses transferring fuel, oil, air, gas and coolant in the world of automotive and other moving vehicles are getting tougher and more critical. Typical applications are turbo, exhaust gas recirculation, fuel transfer, hydraulic brake, aircompressor, exhaust sensor lines and coolant for various subsystems.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Given the wide and varied requirements of Industrial Manufacturing which include steam applications, high pressures, vibration, corrosive and harmful acids as well as high and cold temperature applications, only one hose type successfully meets the requirements of these various applications.

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